Campuses or campi?

Osaka University has three campuses: Suita (the one closest to my dorm), Toyonaka (where my faculty is) and Minoh (far far away in the mountain). On April 6th we took a tour around the Suita campus:




And this is my faculty in Toyonaka campus:

My faculty: Osaka School of International Public Policy

And finally, Minoh campus:


Being the center of a metropolitan area of 18 million, Osaka is huge. However, the infrastructure is excellent and riding a bicycle can get you far. So, here is…

My new bicycle

A foreigner’s impressions: In Japan there is no such thing as a standard ticket price – the ticket price is calculated on a stop-to-stop basis. Also, they drive on the left side of the road, just like in the UK. In Japanese English, ‘bike’ means a motorcycle/scooter so one has to take extra care not to confuse bicycle with bike.

Did you notice my martenitsa?

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